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LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology

Designed not to leak even under compression to give confidence to you and your patient1,2,3



TIELLE™ Adhesive Dressing covers the wound bed and absorbs exudate while keeping the wound in a moist environment.


Fluid then fills the hydropolymer cells. 

Fluid then permenates into the cell walls.

海南4+1开奖 TIELLE™ Adhesive Dressing expands and conforms to the contours of the wound bed which helps to avoid pooling of exudate.

TIELLE™ Adhesive Dressing contains a superabsorbant layer to maximise the dressings fluid handling while conforming to the wound bed.


The dressing continuously transfers fluid away from the wound bed through the hydropolymer layer.

Moisture is transferred to the back of the dressing, where it is able to evapourate through the breathable backing film. 

Exudate is locked away under movement and pressure7



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